Welding pipes, rolling and finishing cones, shell rings and tubes

Fifty years of experience in the world of heavy metal structures produced techniques, experience and personal skills competencies that enable our operators very high competence in welding and assembly, able to solve the most different problems with the maximum precision.

Welding at Sidertaglio Calandratura s.r.l is performed by highly qualified and prepared operators according to ASME standards - AFNOR - EN ISO - DIN.
Our products are used in various industries (naval-mechanical-chemical-pressure vessels etc.) And therefore subject to inspections and audits by authorities (I.I.S. - Ri.Na. - Lloyd's Register) that certify to the real quality.

Some are built according to PED Directive 97/23 / CE and cod. ASME sez.VIII Div.1.

Are performed non-destructive testing (RX - UT - MT - PT) with issuing of relative certificate.

Welding pipes, metal roll bending and finishing cones, shell courses and tubes.

In production are carried out finishing activities relating cones, shell rings and previously machined tubes.

The company has achieved a high level of specialization in the field of welding, performed by highly skilled and trained according to the principal current standards.
The work performed by the company are used in various sectors other than mechanical, chemical, passing through the marine industry and boating, or the thermo hydraulics.
Also in this sector, the vast experience gained over the years allows it to respond to customer needs with the highest quality and precision.