Metal roll bending and plates rolling from over 50 years

Sidertaglio Calandratura s.r.l reception

Sidertaglio Calandratura srl borns as the synergy of the experience of Officine De Antoni and the trading strength carried in by the family Callegari. Over 50 years of experience in rolling and 30 in cut and trade of slabs wants to create a strong, young and dynamic mechanical company , aiming to supply a product always more tailored on the customer’s needs. Qualified personnel and specialized machines are our focal point, with the mission of even more increase those quality standards that have always made our product competitive.

The strong point is the metal roll bending and sheet metal working with punctual delivery and manufacturing costs precise and low.

The instrumentation and machinery are the investment of Sidertaglio Calandratura s.r.l: efficient and modern machinery allow us to obtain immediate clarity on processing, time and reduced costs and simultaneously accuracy and and punctual delivery.

View of the experience, the capacity for innovation and enhancement of highly skilled technicians, guarantees a quality product and at the same time competitive in price.

Sidertaglio Calandratura s.r.l ufficioBelow are the main areas of activity as a percentage:

  • Textile : 28%
  • Energetic : 20%
  • Petrochemical : 13%
  • Pressure vessels : 10%
  • Ceramic : 10%
  • Offshore : 9%
  • Paper industry : 5% 
  • Food : 5%


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